Friday, September 14, 2007

Instructions for Posting

This blog is designed for individuals on the Nevada Social Studies Standards Review Team to post their comments. To respond to a post that already appears in this blog, move to the bottom of the entry that interests you and click on the word "Comments." There, you will be prompted to add and post your comment. If you would like to begin discussion on a new topic, add a new post (as opposed to commenting on a previous post). To create a new post, click on "New Post" (found on the right-hand side of the blue strip along the top of the page) provide a title for your post, add your comments, and click on "Publish Post."

1 comment:

Christy Keeler, Ph.D. said...

Don't forget to add links to the reviewer subcommittee and the reviewer blog. :-)

Then, delete this message from the "Posts" tab.